2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Questions

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Are the heads interchangeable between the 2.0 supercharged SS engines and the 2.4L ecotec engines?
This is the 2nd time my cat converter is causing my engine light on and giving codes of engine running lean at dealership scanner. Is GM covering the cost of this $1300 service for a 2nd time failure? I had it replaced 4-5 yrs ago. Code P0420 plus others only GM OBD reads.
What is a transmission pump and is it pricey to fix
my 2007 chevy cobalt ss has had a frontline lowering kit put on it and a torque solutions trans mount but the factory axles are coming out every 25 milles is there anything i can do?
I was driving. And stopped at stop sign then tried to put it in first and could go lnto gear tryed reversing in still nothing
I was wondering if this problem could be a plugged PVC valve or piston blow by?
I have purchased replacement pistons, head gasket and studs.
ive replaced the fuel filter, injector "o" rings, injector sleeves, no vacuum leaks, no exhaust leaks, and just replaced the mass air flow sensor today and its still having the same problem. its throws a p0171, lean code when it occurs. i do not lose boost at all so im thinking its something fuel related. i have sprayed the entire engine bay with carb cleaner and the idle never changed. please help!!!!!!
How can I take the trim that is around the radiio and cruise controll off the steering wheel with out damaging the wheel or setting off the airbag?
I turn the car off and can pull out the key, but the car continues to run.
Have a Cobalt with 7600 miles on it - in researching I am concerned about recall issue with CAT and potential power steering issue/failure. Advice?....should I just continue driving it or trade it before I have the problems. Thanks very much.
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