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I was driving home from Alabama got on to the interstate put my car into 5th gear and all of a sudden my car started to decelerate, I pulled over to shut my car off waited a few minutes then started my car put it into 1st and it wouldn't move, does anyone know whats wrong??
i disconnected the negative terminal and it died automatically i just want to be sure that that is the problem the error code reads P036 which indicates the knock sensor.the dashlights act all funny first the battery light goes off followed by like five others then they all go off

I just replaced front brakes,rotors,struts on all 4 corners
the t/c light comes and goes and the car surges and jerks at any given time mostly when the a/c clutch engages. the a/c runs hot now and there is a smell coming from the engine compartment. please help if you have any suggestions.
My car jerks at certain gas levels then the engine light comes on. I've been to one repair place who said the engine light is because the engine isn't getting enough oxygen. The car jerks because of a transmission problem. Then the service air bag comes on at random. And the driver side door won't shut. I love my car and I want to keep it. Please help!
My car is currently leaking fuel. I understand from the recall that the states in which the recall covers is not a state in which I reside. I am in Maryland. I am not driving the car due to safety issues what do you suggest I do? and how much is it going to cost to fix?
I have a 2006 Chevy cobalt SS coupe. I bought the car used almost 2 years ago. My problems started about 7 months ago when I was driving and all of a sudden check charging system notification came on, everything electrical inside went crazy flashing and clicking, and then my car died. I replaced the alternator, then not even a month later it goes crazy again while I was driving! Only this time it did NOT die on me, just everything electrical went psycho!! Also, I was only able to go between 20-30mph or my engine would roar like it shift into gear (I have an automatic transmission) . the check engine lights has came on and off as it pleases since a month after I bought it with NO extended warranty (like a dumba**) Anyways I got the POS home and let it just sit in my drive way for a few days cus I don't have the extra to pay someone to tell its something that it really isnt, since that seems to be pretty common for cobalts! I went a drove around for about 30 min to see how it acted. It did perfectly fine until I pulled down my street.. Now if I don't go out and start it at least once a day the battery dies and takes forever to get it to start. All it does is click and sometimes everything will flash, the check engine light stays on and the security light also. Any suggestions on what would be the cause of this!?
Wat can i do? Afraid it will tear up my trans? Happened twice n three days. On highway not rough roads.
p0014 and p0011 codes
i have 145000 miles on it great shape but once traction control comes on trans bangs n shifts real hard notice im not only one why isnt there a recal im supper ticked off
The engine made a loud noise. The mechanic told us to replace the tensioner, timing belt and the engine. Should we?
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