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trying to figure out where the leak is. it is leaking on the passenger side of engine. Dont see no leak or anything sitting on top but towards back it look like is sprayed from hitting a belt. a while back noticed it when i had to change the serpentine belt because of that. Still unable to locate leak tho. Went 3 days and approx. drove 60-80 miles and didnt lose any oil (according to dipstick) any ideas?

I have no brake lights no blinkers in the back no four way flashers in the back. when I turn on the headlights the bulbs in the back work

The drive schaft on my Chevy Cobalt feels unstable???

Battery is 7 years old.

Battery dead, key wouldn't come back out

Went out to start car wouldn't start, then the key wouldn't come out

Started misfiring after starting up. Took it is and have spark plugs replaced. Problems still happening whenever fielding the car. Misfiring starts and the check engine light starts blinking.
Took it in again, they recomended an induction/carbon cleaning costing around 180$. Done that and it's still misfiring. What is the next step? Should I continue taking. It to the same place 400$ in and it's still not fixed?

Tell me what must be done. they should not have gone out that quick

My battery is brand new and it drained to dead in a matter of a few hours. Could this have something to do with the ignition fuse blowing, and could that have anything to do with the new switch that was put on as part of the recall?

All bulbs good . Was every once and a while for about 3 months now all the time,

2010 chevy cobalt 2.2 LT 94,000 miles.

I had a 2010 Chevy Cobalt for 4 years and on January 10,2016. My car started up fine and then as I drove it the head lights dimmed. I continued to drive it because it seemed fine. Then every light in the car started to flash and then the car stalled and died. Then the car caught fire and I lost my car and everything. I had gotten the recall on the ignition switch fixed but I had no idea that there where other recalls on my car that had needed to be fixed. Because the check engine light was always on. Then my gas gauge always read full when it was not always full or it would say it was empty and still had stuff in it.

I was driving home stuck on traffic. I made it home safely but not sure what to do next. I have 178,000 miles on my car and have regular check ups/repairs according to Manuel.

I have a engine installed same tranny that worked fine it will not shift out of first gear and only rev up to 4000 rpm and will go down on rpm there was nothing wrong with tranny befor the change codes po976,po700,po717,po973,po976,p2764,checked plugs on tranny don't know whats going on didn't do anything to tranny just changed motor out thanks spexs

Sounds like it is running a lot higher than normal at 2300 rpms. Any ideas?