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Is there a recall
a\c went out was working fine ealier then a few hours later nothing i check the number 10 fuse for heating and ventalatlateding air conditioner that was fine could it be a blower motor restor or a blower motor relay can the on board computer diagoise that??
When I turn on the AC it doesn't blower cooler ,it's not as cool
It started making a grinding or rubbing sound. Almost like a wheel hub bearing, but I know its not because I took off wheel hub and CV joint and started car and put it in drive up on jack stands. It has to be transmission. It has plenty of fluid, shifts fine. It happens any time I drive.
changed the heater motor and control module and still don't blow
Currently my car`s check engine light is ON. It actually comes and goes. But whenever check engine light is ON, coolant temperature reading showing nothing (It shows dashes).
Sometimes same thing happens for tire pressure readings too, it shows dashes for tire pressure but at light time it does not show check engine light ON.
What could be the probably cause for it?
Do I need to change coolant or thermostat or anything else?
When I got in my car to leave had just turned it off turned on key everything worked but car does nothing no problems in the past
The whole car shakes when I drive it, how do I ensure that it's safe?
I feel very unsafe driving this car because at time the breaks just freeze in the middle of use.
We have used this care for years and one day the key got stuck and wouldn't come out. We've tried everything, moving the steering wheel, jumping the car, etc.
Was wanting to know what is the fix for this.please help thks
My battery get disconnected because my lights won't shut off. I put the. Terminal on and usually it starts but niw it won't crank at all I checked all fuses n relays but still nothing. Anti theft light isn't on. Oil press and oil are fine. Just had it changed and starter has never gave me issues before. And I don't have any error messages on my dash either
A yellow light in for of a U is showing up on dashboard
My whole car is shaking (not the steering wheel)only when I accelerating 40- 50 mph. It gets worse if I am going up a hill. If I'm going faster than 50Mph not as bad but, still has a slight vibration.
I've had new tires put on and balance.
Had an alignment done
Replaced the bad driver side wheel bearing and rear shocks.
No srvice lights are on.
Taking it to several different places no one seems to know what the problem is.

I noticed that the rpm starts to wiggle after 3rd gear then stabilize, also the car gains and losses speed with the wiggle of rpm. Anyone knows what's the problem here? What should I do?
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