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my battery light came on but later went out it is now on again and will not go out. I checked the charge in the battery and it was 14.5 also checked for charging and it is charging 13.5. This is a 2007 cobolt lS with a 2.2 engine. I also had another mechanic look at it and he came up with the same thing. Then took it to Advance Auto and they checked it and said to take it to a mechanic because they couldn't find anything wrong. I was a GM mechanic for 38 years and I am stumped. Can you help with a suggestion?
I had my fuel pump and tank replaced last week due to recall now its saying the EVAP canister is bad. Does this have to do with what was replaced last week
Smelled gas seen there was a spot under car looked seems to be leaking out of a plug on bottom of gas tank
front breakes dragging changed master calibers pro valve flushed fluid what do I do next please help
I put in a new button switch for trunk release and have been inside center of car when installing a new pioneer car stereo also and now the switch stopped working.
This happens when I push a phone charger into a cigarette lighter and am driving or not driving or sometimes it just starts on its own when I am parked and doing nothing. This happened once when the car was running and I got out and went around from passenger side to driver side and I was locked out for 20 minutes but eventually it unlocked itself and I was able to get in.
Gears on Chevy cobalt 2007 are not changing gears properly. From 1st to 2nd takes longer to kick into gear. And same for 3rd gear to 4th gear. Please advice me. As a single female parent with kids.
does not blow out of dash vents
can't jump start the battery because I can't get into the trunk the key iand no power at all
The rear of my car slides when I turn and feels really loose and my anti-lock brakes ain't working at all either they lock up when I try to stop too fast
when I turn car off it acts like its dying but then wheni turn car back on it starts right up, what could be the problem?
The .. Park, reverse, drive thing
It gets stuck and I can't get it to go to drive...
ran fine after starting, drove it, parked and shut off, then would not start. has fuel at fuel rail, can hear pump, no abnormal sounds, cranks strong.
Car was flooded in a storm. Electrical burned out. Can the car be fixed
Turns over just fine and ignites like it's supposed to but after may be 5 seconds it kills itself
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