2006 Chevrolet Cobalt Questions

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This happened before, a couple of years ago, and it just went off by itself. Could it just be a message error or
am I just hoping to avoid a repair?
when i turn the key the engine and belt starts turning..
i checked sparks plugs pistons fuses-all seems fine...cant figure out what it could be??
The problem started around a month ago, and then stopped. It began again this week. I read the car manual and it eludes to replacing the batteries. I did and it stopped for 1 day then began again. It's driving me nuts. I don't want to take it in to the shop if it's an easy fix. However, I need to be able to lock my car doors!
I just had the brake pads replaced and the brakes started grabbing when I'm in traffic and have to use them a lot. The dealer also replaced the master cylinder,calapiers, and hoses on the front brakes.I release them by stopping,turning off the car, and pumping the brakes 3 times, this lets me go again. This has been happening 2 times in the afternoon traffic every day. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it.
the problem has been going on for the last week
Both cables were disconnected and neither emergency brake assmebly is movable. What can be done to loosen them so that they operate correctly
It just blows warm air from within the car.
I am looking for a reasonable estimate to repair misfiring piston #2.
i have a 2006 chevy cobalts v6 5 speed
Hello, I have a 2006 silver chevy cobalt LT. The door has been dented and I was considering going to the junkyard to find a replacement door as my dealer quoted me $1500 for repair. My questions are
1. Did the colour code change in the cobalts between years
2. Are the doors in the Cobalt and Pontiac G5 interchangable?
3. Is it possible to hook up the electrical to work with the Cobalt LT if I purchase an LS door?

Thanks so much for your help!
the car will not start and the alarm stytem goes off everytime I open the doors. The remote is broken so cant use that and the door lock buttons on the door panels do not work either. If I jump the car it will start but when I try to start it with the key is dont start. I had the battery checked and it is good. where do I go from here.
Purchased all new tires. Still is alot of road noise and vibration.
when car is in gear it will not go through first gear as your driving. it will not automatically shift into gear, and speedometer not working
My car is making a very loud popping noise! I just had the power steering recall fixed two weeks ago. The car jerks and pops no matter what kind of road you are driving on!! Was told that the steering colum needs replacing! Mechanic said that the cars is bad about going out! But not definite thats the problem! The racket sounds as if the whole front end is going to fall out from under the car!! And it only has 108,000 miles on it!! And has been girl owned and never been driven rough at all!!!
You will be driving down the road and the car just randomly shuts off! OR when pulling out from a stop the car just dies!! It always starts back up but that is so dangerous!! And it makes a crazy noise like the starter is) and your in a hurry to keep from getting hit at a redlight or something!! It stalls a lot!! I don't know what is wrong with the car it idels up and down going down the road and at a sitting still position!! And the air constantly is going from hot to cold! That is crazy too! It does not work worth a crap!!
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