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This warning has never come on before I changed the starter

2006 2.2 5 speed cobalt with new engine due to warped heads.

Bought the car used came with new pump to put in. I did and no power going to fuel pump. Replaced computer board and fuel sensor. Will not crank

The alarm goes off anytime I open the doors ortrunk I'm trying to figure out how to disconnect the system I have no need for it and it's try annoying. I have a key fob but most of the buttons don't work and i neveruse it anyway. I just want to disconnect the whole anti theft system

I changed the catalytic converter and a couple 02 sensors this the timing chain?

Check engine light not on. Tires are new. Alignment fine. All fluid levels fine. Just passed emissions. Sound does not let up when the accelerator is. Only stops when the car slows down under 30-35. 100075 miles.No loss in power but sounds like whirring..

I have replaced the map sensor and the mass air flow sensor. I still get the code and still have idle issues.

I got the thermostat housing off but the bolt stud is broken and its flush so I can't remove it how can I get it out and what do I need to remove to get to it

Every once in awhile I will be driving my car and it will misfire and the check engine light will come on.

Every time I am driving I hear a rattling sound when I hit a pot hole or on a uneven road.

When I apply the brakes to stop my car, it wants to almost shutoff.

diagnostic and repair 470 CPC 76554 diagnostic trace to BCM dropping signal traced wires cleaned connections n ran new ground wire went for test drive tcm failed again told it was replaced due to short when it touch battery really hmm my battery is in trunk of car not under hood
now my air is working strangely is ther a connection of some sort
i really need honesty i don't feel safe in my car. i

I have a manual transmission and the gears are getting locked when I drive on streets where I have to make constant stops. Clutch and master cylinder and gear panel have all been changed already, but problem keeps happening. What is causing my gears to get stuck?

This car of my girlfriends has apparently be stuttering on acceleration for quite some time and I just found out after needing to drive it a few days. The car hesitates to downshift at any speed, hesitates to take off and gets 18 mpg city at an avg of 20mph. I took it to the Dealer to see if they could clean the fuel system after replacing spark plugs that were completely white even though they were only in there 40k miles or so and cleaned the throttle body(a notorious cobalt problem) by taking it off and doing my best to wipe it down with a rag and throttle body cleaner. The GM Top Engine Cleaner they used worked great for one tank of gas which also had seafoam in it, then upon the next fill up the very consistent and annoying misfires and hesitation under 2k rpms reappeared. Over 2k the hesitation is much less than what it was but still there sometimes. Im hesitant to take it back to the Dealer so I called Firestone. They said the complete cleaning will cost 140 dollars and I need to leave it there all day so they can really evaluate it. Could someone please tell me some specifics about their service to bring up if I decide to make that appointment and have it "fully cleaned" according to them and is it likely the carbon build up or something more? Any answers or advice are appreciated.

Also, on another note is Firestones gas tank fuel system cleaner better than say lucas oils or techron?

Thanks very much