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air was blowing warm to hit air, thought it needed Freon put a can in. After putting it in the air compressor stop the kicking on and off. but it still is not blowing cold air. What di I do?
All lights work and noticed last two days go start it it was like the starter delayed? Meaning I'd turn key to start position nothing would happen for three seconds then it would start
I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt stick shift. check engine light came on. We changed the fuel filter and the oil, the light is still on. Now the car won't stay running. It will i idle just under 1000 and dies out in less than 30 seconds.... what could be happening?
Also re had chevy replace the ignition recall issue.....
We replaced the throttle body, the car battery and the pedal sensor thing and still starts but is still running rough, idles bad and vibrates real bad. Don't know what codes are reading because it won't make it to a shop. What else could be wrong
Was running and then just quit. Changed the ignition coil and module, still just cranks. Getting fuel. No codes or dash warning lights on
Yor driving down the road and it just opens up wants to drive about 75 miles an hour you will be giving it no gas and it will not slow down I have changed sensor after sensor change the vacuum canister pugs coil pack everything kept pointing back to running too lean I have spent $2,500 and repair bills and next $1,100 for a new computer I had insurance to cover this however alone with Chevrolet making a dangerous car guy has caused literally thousands of wreacks . This computer is costing me another $1,100 I am very frustrated and probably will never buy another used Chevrolet
Engine light on
02 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 3)
The car will not start on first crank when lights flash but then it will on second time cranking
sounds off until I start the car. Is it a problem with the switches or maybe the fab. The fab I have does not work
codes are P0446,P0300,P0135,P0030 car will not shift from 2nd to 3rd gear need help please i love my cobalt
Speedometer and rpm stopped working, car yanking when put in reverse or drive.
Why is my engine misfiring on 2 and 3 I replace the coil pack ignition module and it still misses on 2 and 3
To my understanding it is either the drive trane control or the pedal positioning sensor. I want to know what's worked for others that have had this issue.
This happens when you're driving the car water coming from under the dashboard onto the floor where is it coming from and why and also this morning the windows was followed up and wouldn't defrost
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