1990 Chevrolet Celebrity Questions

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the 1987 celebrity is getting fire and fuel but wont start.
My boss And I have looked everywhere and can't find one, I see that 4my88car30 in Golden CO replaced his so, they must be out there. Any advice as to where to look?
Pass side low beam out. Chilton shows to remove three screws around metal lense retainer. There is rubber around lense like a windshield. Have pulled it open still don't see screws
Have to get a push. put car n neutral and when I get a push I can throw it in drive it seems like it's hung in a high gear and it takes off real sluggish and has to catch up if I stop it will not go I have to get a push or let the car cool off for about 2 hours what could be the problem
It want stay running and it drives for a little while and then hesitate to stay running for the 10 mins it ran then shuts off. What's the problem?
when coming to stop motor shuts off and takes time to re crank
code 64, 1988 Celebrity 2.8litre
Got a code 64
The year is ACTUALLY an '87. Has a 4 cylinder engine that is automatic. Here's the issue; Just got off work and let it warm up to defog the windows. I turned on the heater to full blast on defrost and flipped the radiator fan relay switch that the previous owners installed. Then I let in warm up. Drove home after waiting about 20 minutes after the defrost finally kicked on and I could actually see out my windows. When I got home, I turned off the relay switch and the car... But there was a fan still running somewhere. I tried turning the heater fan switches all off, turning on and off the relay switch, EVEN going so far as to turn on and off the whole car! But nothing is working. Now, I'm not a car knowledgeable person. But I know that's not suppose to happen. From the sounds of it, the fan that is still on is somewhere near the windshield area. Any info or advice would be awesome! Thank you!
Runs rough when accelerating only. Idle is fine, reverse is fine, when you plane out it is fine. Seems to only do it during accelerating. What is cuasing this??
have the gears off cant seem to talk off ring inside
2.8 celebrity
I have to keep one foot on the break and one foot on the gas to start and move the car once im moving i have to keep giving it more gas to keep it moving even when coming to a stop light or sign is this fuel or air related or both????
This is a 1985 Celebrity, but this list only goes to 1990. Buzzing is only when temp controls are in the off position, but battery still being drained. When defrost, a/c, etc is selected, buzz stops, but battery still being drained. All fuses are good and correct (position/amps).
Why is there no power going to the 1985 celebrity fuel pump
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