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My fuel injector is leaking in my 2005 Chevy Cavalier. You can smell the gas when the car is turned on when you pop the hood you can see where it's leaking in between the rings of the fuel injector. How do I fix this without taking it to a shop, and how much are the parts for me to buy on my own?
I'm working on a 2005 Chevy Caviler, on the pass side. Trying to remove a stub shaft. The first time I pulled the axel out, the stub shaft came out with the axel, then I was able get the outside seal out that needed to be replaced.
So I guess what I'm asking, is how do you remove a stub shaft. There really isn't anything to grab onto that stub shaft, so I tried put vise grips on it as tight as I can, put 1 pry bar on both sides, but when I try prying it out all that moves are the vise grips, not the shaft.
So if you have ANY ideas of any kind how to pull shaft out, PLEASE share them with me. Thank-You
It's a 2005 Chevy Cavalier transmission leak. On the passenger side is where it is leaking. There is a speed sensor on the passenger side as well. replaced the sensor, with a new one. there is two wires that come from the top Drivers side behind the motor. The wire plugs into the side of the sensor. When the sensor is plugged it forms a small loop in the wire. the fluid leaks from the bottom or that wire. I'm at a loss. I also changed the transmission fluid and filter
started 2 months ago. There is a wire that goes to the sensor, transmission fluid dripping off the wire that plugs into the speed sensor on the pass side. I changed the speed sensor on the pass side, but that didn't work. I also changed the transmission fluid and filter.
Changed the crankshaft position sensor, new battery, fuel pressure good at 54 psi, getting spark from coil module, bought new spark plugs and installed, checked all the fuses ok, changed the serpentine belt, took alternator in for inspection and charging good. Problem still exist, cranks but won't start. Anybody has some ideas that I will gladly accept. 2005 chevy cavalier 2.2L eco...
I see 4 12mm bolts on the back and that connects it to the McPherson strut
Replaced complete compreoor, checked hvac diodes, wiring
It looks like its a hex key but I tried the 4mm it slipped the 5mm was to big, so I bought a 4.5mm and that's to small. Also I tried using a t27 but that's to small also n I tried a t30 but that's to big please help.
car will start turn key off will not start after a few minutes will start again
I have replaced every front, back bulb(s) and fuse(s). When I turn my lights on, the break lights come on but when I go about driving or reversing, the break lights go out. I can break for lights or stop signs and the break lights do work at that moment. Does anyone know what may be the problem? Thank you.
clutch lost all pressure and i was not able to shift gears. Mechanic pickedup the car from my house and drove it to his shop. He imformed me there was a leak but he could not find from where, although, all fluids are full(brake and clutch fluid). He then told me the clutch was out and i would need to replace at a cost of $600.00. the clutch was replaced less than a year ago at the same shop, but under different ownwer, so he said he could not provide a warranty for the work or the part :(.... The mechanic then drove it back to my home. this made me wonder how is he driving the vehicle, so i attempted to drive it and i was able to pump the cluth and get pressure. I have now been driving it for 3 days. The clutch loses pressure from time to time but overall i am able to switch gears and drive. HELP PLEASE!
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