2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Questions

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It stopped working, the car drives fine
Trac off light is on. Wheel sensors are ok and so are wiring harnesses. What else should be checked? Why is mechanic saying take it to a dealership?

It was on before but coincided with fuel pump and injectors problems. Those have all been replaced. No more engine codes, except Trac off light.I'm afraid to drive it to dealer because before these repairs, on 2 occasions it wouldn't go over 15mph or so. I almost got rear ended. How do I know that won't happen again?
Leaking gas from vapor hose in engine. No check engine light on. Can smell gas.
When turning front wheels there is a binding spring sound. I noticed the spring turns when the wheel is turned but kind of binds. Is the spring supposed to turn freely?
I just replaced both hub bearings on my cavalier and both ball joints and I was driving the car and the hub bearing broke what causing it to break it hasn't even been a month since I replaced them?
2004 Chev Cavalier. Shift interlock solenoid not working. NO NEW PARTS AVAILABLE. Chevy no longer stocks and no dealer in USA has. Dorman and so forth never made a replacement. How bypass? And still be able to remove key? I'm told the entire assembly must be replaced, but only available at junk yard. Since mine croaked at 80,000 miles I don't think a used one is a good investment. I am aware of safety concerns, but am capable of remembering to set ebrake if only option. Thanks.
PS brake light switch is good
The car rwill not come
Out of park, engine off mor on
What does my slave cylinder look like in a 2004 chevy cavalier Ls. sport 2.2l and is there a video that shows the replacement of it also
Took to shop for antifreeze leaking. Told it was bad water pump. Picked it up was making whirring noise took it back (only 3 blocks from our house) Now they've changed pump 3 times. They say they all 3 different brands still makes the same noise. Maybe timing or bearings not really sure. Something about new parts not liking old parts. We've always taken good care of our cars. Any advice?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? After driving antifreeze would leak never did before
How long have you had this problem? Off and on for a few weeks I though it was because I had over filled the resoviror a little but we don't drive very far only 7 miles to work So only after a longer trip
after driving home from work tried to shift to park. could not shift. never had a problem before this
we are going on vacation and we are going to tow the car behind rv but , the steering wheel wont go into lock position
It has a loud click, click sound from the dashboard. I googled the symptoms and I was told it was the actuator.
It happened like a light switch
The check engine light has been on sense we had it in the shop. We replaced the 02 senser and the plugs and the wires. Now the power stearing went out and we have no idea what it could be this time. Please help.
As soon as i start my car i hear a knocking noise under the passenger side of my dashboard. My heat & air work perfectly fine & the knocking slows down when i go faster. Doesn't seem to affect how my car runs but it's a little annoying & any help would be appreciated!
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