2003 Chevrolet Cavalier Questions

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03 cavalier was running good stopped at the store and water blew from back of motor and now it won't start at all any clue..
cross member bar is rusting out
if timing chain tensioner is not deactivated when put back in will it cause chain to jump time?
After i turn off the car the engine is making a loud noise still which has never happened before.
I have tried to hook up a harness for an after stock radio but there is no power. So far the only wire i can not find on the factory is the ignition power wire.
Happens when my car is stopped.
My car has both a power port and a lighter port the power port should stay on but the lighter should turn off when i open the door, It doesn't this keeps my dashcam running 24x7 if I dont unplug it.
I changed my own oil but the service light keeps flashing thinking the oil needs to be changed
The brakes work fine its just the light randomly flashes
When I hook up my OBDII it reads as I said that there is some kind of evap system error. I already replace the gas cap which removed the original trouble code I had and I have no new TC. It says not ready for smog test but is this something they might not hit me for? Since there is no TC?
Ran out of gas and a week or so later engine was sounding a little chuggy. Put injector cleaning in and a full tank and drove about 1 mi to my home.. Next morning it started up and died after moving a couple of feet.. Has been like this and mostly driveabe on and off for a few weeks, until recently. Since last week, it starts up better but died when I apply the
Any idea?
initially had dia code P0304 but did not put in new spark plugs because after first putting in gasket sealant it ran fine for first couple of start ups in driveway, on 3rd start process which is part of the gasket sealer additive is when it started running rough
I put new cavalier ignition switch in now car won't start theft system warning indicator light stays on disabling fuel
Changed ignition switch on car now theft-deterrent system light comes on car cranks but won't turn over and headlights stay on unless I disconnect the battery.
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