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Brand new Battery Thermostat
i just bought this car iam a 52 year old female who cnt afford to take car to repair shop it turns over but wont start and backfires. it was parked for a year
And the check engine light is flashing 02 cavalier it just started running rough and use in gas real bad
Slight squealing when turning on occasion after bushings replaced.
Replaced brakes.2 days later the trac off light came on and won't shift out of first. Took battery cable off to reset and light went off and it shifts. Next day drove then parked for 8hrs and trac light back on and won't shift again
And my car isn't running hot what could it be and is it safe to drive and for how long?
I start the gas up then pull off I hear loud noise on the inside of the car, then the car jerk forward then start to give more speed and the noise on the inside goes away. when I stop at a stop sign or red light its still not there, once I push on the gas to go again the noise is there again and the car jerks forward again and the noise goes away again. this happens every time I stop and go and push on the gas. Can you tell me what is causing this to happen. I do wait and let the car warm up when its cold. I had a tune up done, oil change, new breaks put on, and new tires as well.
It goes off after the computer is reset and we drive around for a bit. What could be causing this? How can we fix it?
The glass in front of the bulb seems dirty. Can I clean them myself? How?
The low is too low and the high is too high. How can I get something in between?
Originally, the turn signal lights, hazard light and brake lights didn't work. I replaced switch with new switch, but used one that did not have cruise control. does this matter. (It did get the brake lights to work now)
I replaced relay, but still have no turn signal or hazzard
Ok so last week my clutch pedal started acting funny. Keep in mind 02 cavalier with 207k. I started noticing my pedal would slowly start dropping closer and closer to floor and when it would get really low I could pump it alot and my pressure would bounce right back to normal. Slowly after it would start to drop as a drove more and more until today my pedal has finally dropped all the way and there is no more pressure. The reservoir regardless is still full and there's no signs of leaks anywhere. I tried bleeding fluid from what I think is the slave cylinder but it doesn't do anything all pressure is gone. Should the slave be replace or could it be the master? Anyone with the same issue plz help. Clutch released and grabbed excellent just a pressure issue
Both gauges were working prior to brakes being worked on. Exhaust pipe was looked at as it needs to be replaced due to rust. Break line also leaked out all fluid causing a 3 car accident. Brake pedal still had to be pushed to floor after repair..but car did have brakes and Knew we had a leak in the line, but was told it was space to drive as long as we checked the fluid every 2 days until he could replace the following week. Brake line now has about 2 inches visible hanging down and freely dripping fluid at what looks to be a possible coupling in the line that was busted during the wreck. Really curious if the brake repair could have caused the gauges and lights to go out..knew speedometer n gas gauge were not working but not the brake light until it failed to come on prior to the accident.
My car also has 300000 miles on it and hasn't had an oil change
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