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It used to be I'd turn the key and the lights and radio would come on, but the car wouldnt start. I'd have to hit the brake a couple times itd make a hissing noise and then itd turn on. It never ticked though. Sometimes i would get out and wiggle the wires connected to the battery and itd start. I left it parked for a couple of days them when i went to start it it wouldnt start and my light on the inside ceiling way very dim and it made a hissing noise like it normally does but woudnt start. i kept messing with it until it completely was dead.. i took the two cords (black and red one connected to the battery) and wiped them down and hooked them back up.. still nothing. then i tried to jump it and nothing, no lights or the hissing noise :( any advice or answers would be helpful! thanks
a/c woks fine on highway not at idle
We changed the fuel filter and I was able to crank it for one whole day then the next day I drove to Kroger and cut it off and it wouldn't crank back up. So now its stuck there. Also do you have a tow truck available to bring it to your shop??
need to replace the turn signal relay for 2001 cavalier. Does not seem to be located in box on side of dash or next to battery in engine compartment.
My low radiator fluid icon has recently come on a few seconds after the car has been driven a bit and I wanted to know what you recommend.

About 2- 3 years ago the resevoir was replaced because it was cracked even though the light never came on I think.

System was flushed and filled.

I have 149, 000 miles on my car.

Should I take it in for service or just check level myself??
I took pin box connection apart to clean terminals and am having problems putting it back. How do i rewire to get lights working.? I have checked all other items, switch, fuses ,bulbs
Just had my fan and assembly replaced and now my airbag warning light is on
Works sometimes very well and other times doesn't
Thought it was the bushings, but when I went to loosen the bolt, it just pulled right out. Was broken at the threads. Replaced the bolt and about 3 to 4 months later it's broken again. The bushings still have a little life left in them too. I'm just confused about why and how this keeps happening. Thank you
i have changed the colum switch flasher neon green bulbs checked for corrosion and broken wires.2 fuses in my fuse box are good but no power to them when i checked with a test light.i did the wd40 trick at the 4 way flasher haha didnt work checked all my relays.what could this be
Next time I ran I got "link error."
car has been setting for awhiletrying to get it runing
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