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It was once in awhile and now it is every time,I am afraid it won't turn one day

While driving i noticed smoke coming from my engine and pulled over and stoped the car immediately. It did NOT over heat or even reach the red. I later went back and refilled the coolant and moved the car. It still never overheated or even ran hot.

We replaced the radiator hose and then the radiator. But now my car wont start. The lights come on, turn signals and wipers all work but it makes no attempt to even turn over.

If i try to turn the key to the start position immediately the check engine, battery, and theft system lights stay on. If i wait for the dash light to go off then try to start it the check engine light stays on when turning the key to the start position. It makes no sounds or attempt to crank or turn over at all. (The battery is good and was just replaced about a month ago.)

When purchasing a new power steering pump for a 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.4L, does the pulley come as a completely separate part or is the pulley already assembled to the pump?

I was told to have electrical checked out??

Won't go into gear so I hooked the link up now I'm missing a cable that hook up to the gear box that's under the hood

Does not happen every time I drive. Let car run for awhile then take out of park and problem gone. However the longer I am out driving it can start up again.

I took my car to auto zone and they told me that it means i need to check the speed sensor circuit and that it has low voltage but where would i fine this and is this a easy fix? I have tried Googling everything about this car we just fix the Evap emissions leak. Right now my car idols really high at 1600 then some times it goes up to 2000 when stopped. Some one please help me

Codes u1301, u1040,u1064,p1626

If I drive my car to the office and have between 1/2 and 3/4 tank of gas, it will loose power and stall when I am climbing a 1% grade. This is after driving @ 12 mile with various grades already climbed. If I have over 3/4 tank I never have a problem. Help Please!

It needs the signal switch changed the one I have now I guess played out the hazard lights work fine but when turn left or right makes weird buzzing noise and lights really don't work and this happens every time I turn. Next I have a transmission leak but I do not know if its just a seal or more serious issue and then my fuel pump/filter needs to be replaced because when I get to about half a tank its actually empty and I was just wondering on average how much this would cost me so I would know either to go ahead with the repairs or just try and sale/junk car I've had it for a long time and did not pay much for it but if can would like to fix been a good car and I need 2 vehicles