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93 Chevy cavalier rs cruise control stopped working
Place either online, or around me (south east Virginia) for parts.
More specifically new roof, and front clip.
why do I have to let off the throttle for my automatic transmission to shift?
My cavaliers check engine light turns on when I start the car and stays on at lower speeds but when I stay at a constant higher speed and acceleration it turns off but as soon as I start to decelerate it turns back on. When I'm at a stop sometimes it idols down to around 500 rpms as if it wants to die. And thee is a super rough idle like rattles the car rough I know I know it's a basket case any suggestions or help? Really appreciate it.
May 8th I had the head gasket plunk out. The heads were sent out for a pressure check and milling. Replaced the head gaskets spark plug wires & thermostat. Oil change, lube all grease fittings.
Replaced: New head gasket set, intake valley pan gasket, new headbolts, thermostat, ac delco spark plugs, heater bypass hoses, vacuum hoses and tees, new ignition wires and antifreeze.
June 14th, I had to replace the transmission. AuGGGGG!!

My baby has 71,000 miles on it. She only drives from March till November. I have had to bring the car back to both places for this problem, which still isn't fixed after $3921.00 in repairs.

When I start her up, it sounds like a motor boat. The car has less power, and remains like this until I hit 50 mph. Then she runs fine. But after traveling a mile or two, having to slow down, it does the boat thing again. The next day she will run fine. Then, here we go again. I think it's possessed!

Today I will bring it back to the old guy (58 yrs in the business, with no computers to research) who 2 days ago told me I had 2 dirty spark plugs and cleaned them. Still have a problem. So now the son will take a look. (neither did any of the original repairs).

All I want to do is put my top down and cruise (not mine, the cars!)Please help :)
chgd plugs/plug cable wires, now check engine light on I have never ever seen this light on before and wonder why now told to open it up on freeway and see if it goes out could computer be re adjust due to 2 days before plug chg of running rough since plugs cable wires changed runs fine but light for check wont go out its in upper right corner on dashboard
All fuses good
my turn signals won't blink when i use them
5 years ago I had the muffler and exhaust pipe replaced at Monro. The muffler had a lifetime warranty on parts and labor (warranty code 10).I currently need both replaced again. I got an estimate at Monro 6/29/11.The first estimate was 379.00 which included the muffler and a 39.00 dollar shop supply fee.(I guess for clamps).When I told the service manager that I had a lifetime warranty on the muffler, he crumbled up the first estimate and redid a new one which was 277.00.The new estimate was:

MUFFLER 20 212.99 FREE 46.00 46.00
EHHAUST PIPE 40 266.99 266.99 0.00 266.99
DISCOU(ON EXH.PIP)0.00 66.75 0.00 -66.75
EXHAUST SUPPORT 40 19.99 19.99 24.99 44.98
EX DISCOUNT -22.02 -7.10 -29.12
The difference was 102.00. On the "first" estimate I only took note of the total, muffler,and shop supply fee.I didn't notice the discounts or the price of the exhaust,labor, etc.But it seems like even if the muffler was discounted in the "first" estimate the second estimate should be about 70.00 to 90.00 lesser.Also theres no shop supply fee in the second estimate. When I inquired he said this is the correct estimate and you still have to pay labor on the muffler.My first thought was he just upped the price on the exhaust pipe when I disclosed I had a lifetime warranty on the muffler which he could not find.I was just going to let the "free" muffler go and go someplace else even if the price is the same or a little more because of the difference in the 2 estimates.Thanks for any help.

when my 93 cavalier gets warmed up, alot of times it will shake severely at take off. or sometimes it acts like the clutch is slipping. (its an automatic) sometimes these can be remedied by starting in 2nd gear. also after running for a while it will stall upon stopping
I'm replacing the belt tension er and one bolt is behind the power steering pulley, and its pressed on right? so I'll have to take it off right?
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