1991 Chevrolet Cavalier Questions

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drove 110 miles a 15 gallon tank go9t 7 miles per gallon
Also the cigarette lighter no linger works. Is it just the fuse?
What does the emission sensor switch look like? Wont start unless the gas pedal is held down and sputters, has rough idle
Is there a fuse for the top?
brakes went to floor when i shifted into reverse after starting car.
car will not start need to check fuel system on 1991 chevey cavelar rs 4 cylender
i used a tape measure but still cant get a proper measurement
i am looking for someone to help me with the easiest way..some trick maybe to removing tranny and changing clutch and components for new installation of new parts. please can someone help. ken
my car starts but it idles low and then it stalls out after running a couple of minutes. If I try to accelerate just a little when it idles it dies but will start again. I scanned it for codes and got a code 33 and 35. Where do I start replacing IAC sensor or MAP sensor?
it happen when i was driving home from the store and when i came to a stop at the lite it just start skipping and cut off it started back but when i put it in drive it cut back off and when i do get it run in drive its cuts back off when the speed slows down so what can that be
can i run a serpentine belt in my 1991 chevy cavalier 2.2L 4 cylinder without the ac pully
where is the oil sending unit? how do I change it?
what are the average repair cost to replace a flywheel including labor
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