1996 Chevrolet Caprice Questions

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Changed pump thermast lines and flushed radiator but it has small drip
We have changed the EGR valve and the coil, spark plugs and spark plug wires. Checked all vaccum lines also
when my steering wheel locks up the power steering pulley slows down almost to a stop and a minute later it starts back up like nothing happened the mechanic is blaming the problem on a worn pulley any ideas on what it could be?
96 caprice classic's cooling fans will not turn on. the only time it turns on is when the A/C is on high (passenger side cooling fan). The A/C blows hot air, I haven't added any R134a to it yet. The 25a Air fuse under the hood has been replaced twice but keeps burning out. I flushed the radiator and replaced the thermostat. Please help.
How do I get the alert light off.
Can't hear fp pumping at all now
Nothing will come on and the vehicle will not start. I have no lights when the door opens and the horn doesn't work and the battery reads good.
my front calipers were hanging up so i replaced them, still does the same thing, so far i replaced master cylinder, proportioning valve, all metal and rubber brake lines, calipers pads and rotors and still having problems, what else can be the problem?
when my gas gauge reaches 1/4 tank it starts to bounce to full then back to 1/4. this goes on for a while then just sticks at full
sometimes when I tried to accelerate high speed, knocking on engine comes and when i'm parked for almost 30 minutes while engine still running, the water coolant light indicator appear on the dashboard. it means the engine is overheating.
i have oil leaks that are starting to affect the spark plugs and also the way my car drives this has started last week
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