1992 Chevrolet Caprice Questions

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Mecanic says I need a new one
When I put on brakes the car cuts off
It will start one day for a couple mins then slowly shut off, I'll let it set for a day and it will do it the next, I wanna know what's the exact problem before buying all kinds of parts that's not called for.
There is a piece behind the steering column that Popped out what is that piece and we're can I get it fixed at a reasonable price in Phoenix, az.
I need to replace the glove box door and latch and can only find on 93 in salvage locally.
It will start if it has been in the garage or if it's above 32 degrees. I was told to replace the coolant temp sensor because when they go bad they read -40 degrees & dump to much fuel into the motor causing it to flood. What else could be the issue causing it to not start. 92 caprice wagon 5.0L
It will not move even when pushing on gas just change 4 file pumps
Old motor works, but runs slow (and only on high). Replaced the motor and now have full power, but inside spindle won't turn, so wipers only go up 4". Put old motor back on and spindle turns fine and wipers go all the way up (super slow). Second motor is an exact match for my vehicle. What could be wrong?
Wagon won't stop as of a week ago. New brakes and master cylinder,early June 2014. Have bleed when brakes were done and again a week later when new master cylinder was installed. Now pedal goes to floor and difficult to stop with e-brake at times. Any suggestions.....
I changed the spark plug, spark plug wires, the distributor cap, and just recently changed the oil.
it will start, run for about 2 sec, then dies. if i disconnect the temperature control sensor it will start and idle perfectly for about twenty seconds then dies. Whats the problem, i just replaced the temp- control sensor, the fuel filter, and the o2 sensor is only 6 months old.
Gas gauge not working nor is the fuel light
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