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Moved my car 2 hours ago , no problem. Went back to go to store won't start all instrument lights come on , air conditioning fan will turn on , but car still won't start. I do notice car sign with a pad lock on it. Please help !!! I'm in a hurricae
All the time
Vehicle will not start when key is turned will not get no light on panels pretty much dead, we let it sit for up to 1 hr vehicle will start and the Track stabilizer will illuminate for about 30 secs then disappears
My cruise control stops working if I have to coast with it and slow down. When I let off at the slower speed it turns of and will not restart. I have a manual transmission and this makes driving in traffic more of a chore. Anybody know about this problem?
My driver side seat has a loop in it to guide the seat belt down and off my neck. The loop is broken. The dealership said I needed an entire new seat. Those guys are either crooks or morons - probably both. Anybody know of a fix or aftermarket/homemade solution?
How long it takes to take out engine
I keep my car in the garage and I park under cover at work. I noticed the noise getting louder when the weather gets colder.
I live in Louisiana, so summers are hot. I don't abuse the vehicle and it gets all scheduled maintenance. No codes and the vehicle has an automatic tensioner and its'got an automatic transmission. It's been in one accident and the dealer I bought it from did the repair work.
It pretty much squeals all the time now.
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