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Transmission light on in 2015 Chevy Camaro I don’t feel or hear a difference while driving Had to drive through some deep puddles a couple days ago
I have a 2015 camaro rs and when I turn he ac on both driver side vents blow hot air while the passenger vents blow cold air, what is wrong with it? And how can I fix it
Have a buddy who owns a 2015 camaro v6. His AC/H has been randomly changing speeds when he hits a bump or even when hes idle. It just changes without us touching it, also the AC sometimes will not turn on either. Press the button, it'll indicate that it is on but wont get any cooler. Electrical issues seem to be common with chevy
The book shows a plastic piece at the rear top center of the seat. I removed it , but there is no latch to release the seat back?
I bought this car new last year in September its a 2015 CHEVY CAMARO LS, i had a problem and took it to the dealership a they told me some times water from my ac drips and gets sucked into the air vents,it sits for a while and starts to create meldew. They said it happens once in a while to people but ive never heard of it. So they replace my whole ac system its been 3 months and its smelling again. Why does this happen and is it really as common as they said it is??
It will not go up after you shut car off, but will go down, does not go down sometimes when you open the door, sometimes it will go down but not up when shutting the door. Have done the relearn thing many times works a couple of times then goes nuts again!
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