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After GM change to a solid isolator for the supercharger has any problems associated changing from a spring-loaded to a solid occurred?
2014 2SS auto downshifts to M1 while in Drive, without touching paddle shifters, this happens while I am not driving over 35mph. Paddle shifter ignition switch & BCM were both replaced on different visits to dealership. They are unable to replicate the issue. Currently I’m driving around with the tap shift unhooked. 11,000 miles.
Key is hard to get out.
I just want to know how many catalytic converters I have and I want to know what happens if I take mine off just for the sound of it. And is it illegal in Texas to take them off?
The screen fills every time I start the car and the orange tire light stays on. My gauge says all the tires are filled the exact same. I was on the road late when it happened and I made it home without a flat or any strange pulling by the car. The problem is I'm 85 miles from the nearest Chevy dealer. I don't think its the tires but can any one service that kind of problem or do I need to drive up there.
The driver side seat back frame needs to be replaced. According to the dealership I have to replace it for it to be able to tilt forward and backwards.
I am trying to upgrade to leather but i know rear seats are different but what about the fronts ?
Hi, when I start the engine on my Camaro RS 2014 one headlight start to be yellow for few seconds and after she close. What's wrong...the bulb ? GM told me the cost of the bulb is 270$ plus an hour to install ?!?!? Should I replace the bulb or try something else?
My 2014 SS Camaro is not my every day driver but it is not holding a charge. I find that it can sit 2 days or 7 days and I have to jump it. I took it to the dealer and they indicated that it needs a battery tender since it is not a daily driver. They said there are so many electric components pulling on it even when not driven that it is normal. When I took it in, my heated seats wouldn't work and they said it was because the battery was so low. It sounds odd because the car drove fine there and was driven 80 miles to be delivered to the dealer. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Aciddently drained the trans fluid...
There is no trans dipstick...
Cant find a fill plug on pan just the drain plug....also cant find the check level plug... got a fluid hand pump.....just wanna make sure im doing it correctly...
Please Help!!!! Thank You!!!!
I lost the key to the outside gas door in Canada 2014
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