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radio shuts on and off by itself. when car is started there is a period of hesitation before radio comes on.
My air conditioning is blowing hot air
FIRST PROBLEM - car is off . I turn it on . My shift Nob is in neutral. I sit there doing nothing just letting it warm up . I hear a rattle sound like A barring or something is releasing pressure to something idk people tell me its my release barring but the clutch pettel is not being touched by my foot at all only to start my 2013 ls1 camaro manuel transmission on then i don't touch it i hear a rattle noise .now when i press the clutch pettel down for the first time after start up i place the nob in first it may stop referring to the noise at start up or it may shut off when i fully engage and i take off . -- now my second PROBLEM this happen sometimes during my drive but happends all the time when im parking in my drive way in reverse now i approach my mild hill and i place my nob in reverse now im letting go of the clutch pettel slowing to engage as I'm coming up the little hill im hearing a clacking sound very concerned about this any idea ?
ive bought my car brand new, the cd player started giving an error, the screen would say ejecting cd but it would not eject until i turned the car off and back on, and then the temperature controls would delay or go on & off and the indicator lights would blink on & off, so when i turn off the radio it would stay off for a while and then start going in & out, so i pulled the fuse for the radio and everything else is working fine but now i have no radio, this has been a pain in the @$$ but i think its an internal issue with the radio because ive checked all wires and connections, and many shops around and nobody can give me an honest answer accept to run a diagnostic check

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