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Hello there.
I’ve got P0301 code appeared.
I replaced coil 1 and all plugs and still check engine light is on. Do I need to reset it to clear the code? Thank you
Just trying to make sure this works in my car
Does anyone know where I can purchase an oil cap or do I need to purchase whole housing unit.
contemplating buying a 1980 camaro. seller says the ac and heater do not work. worst case scenario how much could this cost to fix?
ive already looked for leaks but dont see any
im thinking bad sender /pump any other ideas? as ive told her not to buy cheap gas and keep tank nearly full...

car starts right back up so..?
I cannot get the seat latch to release for access to the back seat. No letters on this problem have been received, yet I hear it is a common problem with either one of the seats locking up and unable to release! "Cascade Chevrolet" here in Wenatchee, WA. has been researching this since this past Tuesday, with no answers. What's the deal here?
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