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put on a new belt twice, and a new belt tensioner and every time it rains, the belt comes off.
i am afraid rodents have damaged wires. how do i repair power windows also sometimes dash lights fail. headlights and taillights are good
battery is charged and starter motor is new ! dash lights/warning lights are on and security light stays on but does not flash. just bought car and former owner said he did drive car with security light on. i have checked and cleaned fuses and small ground wires in engine bay.
The problem started two days ago. As soon as the A/C was turned on, the rpm shot up to 1200 or 1300 rpms and shifting became almost impossible. When I tried to shift it made the same grinding sound that a worn-out clutch makes. (122,000 miles on car, clutch and transmission replaced for the first time at 118,000 miles).
It takes a few miles of driving without the A/C on or sitting for a few minutes before it shifts smoothly again. I can't understand how the two are connected. Any ideas?
Added 4 quarts when it was low. How long did it take to leak that far down? I see no visible leak near pan.
Is it too hard for a do-it-yourself project?
Trying to determine what security options are standard in the factory system.
The key fobs lock / unlock the doors OK and the manual button on the drivers door works ok. Are the doors supposed to automatically lock when the car reached a certain speed and unlock when I pull the door handle. If I lock them using the door button, I need to unlock them using the door button.
Car overheated, got low on water - when I filled it back up it was surging back up out of radiator - so I know it has a blown gasket - so I need a rough estimate of how much I'm looking at to replace or fix the head if needed ? Thank's for advise
I have large tires on my Z - what tire pressure should I run in these tires to maintain even wear?
Cleared the code: came back on a week later, still no code???
What could the problem be now, as I understand the pulley and clutch come as part of the compressor replacement. This happens only when AC is on, the sound varies with RPMs and load, and is pretty regular when the AC is on throughout a drive.
How much should it cost to replace the secondary injection system?
I got the lifters changed not the cams just lifters and i thing gaskets and what comes with getting lifters changed. I got all 12 lifters replaced.
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