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Must it be replaced or adjusted ?
I wrecked my 01 and need to replace the whole front end the rails holding the side fenders are bent left and up so I mine as well replace the whole front clip. I can only find 96 camaros near me. Also if you know how to take off a front clip that'd be awesome. Like does it need to be torch cut or is it just bolts and shims holding it to the body.
oil leak and bad gas mileage also
PO 171, PO 174, PO 128, and PO 405
I have a 2001 camaro convertible. We have a drain on the batter that happens over night which causes me to jump start it on some days. I've already spent over $500 on a new battery and a couple try to narrow the problem. The appears that the drain is in the Aux circuit. Any further ideas would be helpful.
I disconected the gas filter and no gas comes out,

I can hear the zooming noise of the pump but no gas comes out.
It stopped running and everything shut down, lights etc.I thought it was the altenator , but noticed that water was dripping from the water pump. I was told that the car has a sensor that shuts everything down when it gets hot. What do I need to do to get lights and everything to turn back on ? It has sat and is cold, but nothing will turn on.
in a nutshell. I got a code 300 on the check engine which is inconsistent misfire. Shop said it was spark plugs. They wanted $230.00 to change them I said hell no I didn't. Change the plugs and wires and two of the ignition coils had already been changed due to failure on the coils part. Still got the engine code. What's been told I needed to replace the third ignition coil. Again shop wanted way too much. I pulled up to the parts store to get a new one. After having already taken the old one out cleaned it and put it back in the car store and I. But when I put in the new one at the parts house the car started for about 3 seconds like hell then died. Car is still at the parts house. It will not start it just keeps acting like it wants to what is either not getting signal through ignition relay starter relay or when applying the gas A vacuum noise Thanks is present like its not getting any fuel I need help not sure why it wont start.and sorry if this reads weird voice to text still new.
I am a pretty big guy and need more room between me and the steering wheel.

Light stays on constantly even after driving it for a while.
putting new seat covers on and would like material behind the lever that allows the front seat to go down for access to back seats.
after I clear the caods P0128 it works fine for a day or 3 then it stops working again until I clear the coads again.
My daughters camaro stalled today. it will start but idles rough then stalls. I replaced the fuel filter, car ran smooth for about 5 minutes then rough idle resumed. Now, each time i start the car, it will idle rough almost immediately. Could this be fuel pump failure. i also turned the key on so the pump could pressurize the lines. i removed the valve cap on the fuel line under the hood and pressed the valve pin and could not get any fuel. Any help would be appreciated.
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