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Car battery is new, BCM is brand new and programmed to the key by Dealer. Car WILL start with push button under hood, but will NOT start with key. Have checked the fuses and relays, all are good. Needing help with where to go next. Car sat for a few years. Have also installed a new fuel pump and emptied old gas.
I would like to replace turn signal, cruise control and windshield wiper control arm along with the switch assembly and harness in the column for a 1999 Camaro. Cruise control turns off with turn signal activation, left turn does not turn off, high beams do not engage. What is the estimated cost of this repair and what are the part numbers.
What do I need to fix if my 99 chevy camaro's clutch is sticking to the floor and my gears don't shift?
need to know if 98 Camaro parts will interchange with 99 Camaro parts
Security light came on about 6 months ago in 1999 Camaro Z28. Steady, no flashing. I have do have a chip in my ignition key. What does it mean? Asked my mechanic , he does not know. Do I need to worry about my car not starting? How do I to turn it off? Nothing in service manual.
need to change a barring on a compressor for a 1999 chevy camaro v6 3800 .. i need a repair manual or a video please
I brought my 1999 Camaro to Chevy to flash a replaced ECM but I forgot to tell them that it has a 2000 engine in it. It will crank but won't stay running now.
when im driving I have it in overdrive and it will shift into second if I let off the gas or do it manually. but it just goes into high rpms and wont shift at all. I think it might be the shift solenoids but im not sure. please tell me why its doing this.
Fuel pressure reads 42 and the battery and starter are fine. When i turn the key to the accessory position the fuel pump turns on. I just cant figure out the problem
Whenever I'm at a stoplight my car seem to struggle to stay running and I can feel the car shake a lil bit. And my service engine light has came on.
The car won't start after it dies for a couple hours and the same thing happens again and the mechanic can't detect why....very frustrated so any recommendations would be appreciated.
issue seems to be related to charging system, however,noise is not comming from alternator. if single lead to alternator is disconected, noise disappears. noise only heard in cabin and is very annoying.issue started at around 16k. thanks
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