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What kind of repairs and costs should I expect in the first 200,000 miles of a 1998 z28 Camaro?
Recently my car has been acting has been stalling out after its running for 5-20 minutes.then it wont start back up for 5- 10 minutes.fuel pump and filter replaced,iac valve check engine light is on.had ppl say it could be bad coil packs,crank position sensor and a maf sensor but its hard to say without a check engine light.this is the v6 3800 series 2 engine.
Every other time I go somewhere I haft to tow it home.
Datastream only shows 2 sensors
It happens randomly. Dashboard and headlights tay on even when i turn key off and pull key out. I have to unhook battery. Then it randomly starts again. It cud take a few hours or a few days and jyst starts up again. I can drive it one day or 2 weeks and it will just shut off while driving. Noone can fix it. Isnt fuel pump!!!!
Checked the engine code i am getting a P0303. tried to pass smog and fuel is running lean all parts and tune up done less than a year..
I just got done fixing the water pump on my Chevy camero and noticed a little hole in the heater hose close too the fitting can I cut the hose off and will that fix the problem
after i drive it for a little bit it starts to hum and then where the gas goes it gets hot
mostly in reverse
Computer says number 6 cylinder needs replacement. Not sure where it is located. Please help.
i need to do a head repair
the PASS key or some godforsaken mystery in the Hidden Theft Deterrent system. Everybody I speak with says take it to a Dealership. I'll run it off a cliff 1st. Black on black w/T-Tops ran good looks like a vet from distance. Does anyone have a miracle. I've spent last 3 wkends and tired of it.
Car starts 50% of the time. Change original keys - nothing.
The theft system is engaged and starter wont work. New battery.
still idles high if I tap the iac it goes down to normal rpm cleaned the port hole and does the same thing HELP
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