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Everything works as it should
not sure why its on security system works radio works car runs no problems
My 1997 Chevy Camaro Won't start. Everything works when I turn key on, except none of my warning lights come on and the car won't start when I try to crank it. It doesn't do anything at all
where is the fuse box ?
like there is a bag in the truck with plastic pieces for when you drop the top do you really need to put them on everytime ?
it only does it when going slow or taking off
Called dealer to find replacement for smog pump. The recall was already done but failed, trying to find replacement for smog pump.
When I drive there is some kinda of ticking sound that gets faster as i drive, but its NOT associated with the RMP when the car is in park and I rev there is no ticking sound only when im actually moving Im not sure if its wheel related or breaks maybe, rotors? I also should no i do have break grab upon slowing down and very very faint grinding. Is the ticking related I can hear it when i roll down the passenger side window kind of towards the back i think HELP!
recently got a 97 camaro, vats equipped. ign lock had been jimmied to work, no key. car does run but drains battery. security light stays on. hoping ign lock replacement fixes problem. anything else i should know ?
We have replaced the rods and mains, oil pump, fuel pump and oil sending unit. Car idles at 20 and then drops to 0 when driven. There is no rattle or knocking in the engine. The engine sounds good.
garage. Replaced charcoal canister. On hot days after driving 30-40 minutes and the gas tank is 1/4 or less, a tonal sound comes from the gas tank while the car is running and also when it is not until gas cap is removed. Gas cap shoots into my hand along with hot gas vapor from the tank.
I changed my old engine with a rebuilt one put everything in its place check for fuel,ignition,and oxygen don't what else to check all parts on the engine are new and it won't start it cranks but no start could it be my Vats system ? When I start my engine the security light stays on and it cranks but it won't start.please help thank you.
Key has been bypassed with correct resistor. Security light still comes on occasionally and have to disconnect battery for about 30 minutes for car to start. Help. Need a dependable car.
started it back up and the pedal went all the way to the floor, i look under the car and fluid dripping from my transmission area by the slave cylinder i guess, any help please
year model not found
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