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I changed the water pump on my 1995 Chevy camaro z28 5.7 liter.and now the car won't start .it has power an I've checked all the wires .idk
While replacing my clutch it is noticed that there is play (i can move it back and forth) in the crankshaft. I had no noise in the engine before I started the clutch replacement. Is this normal? What do I do to fix it?
fuel pump comes on when key is turned on and runs when the relay is triggered manually. im thinking crank sensor?
blew out the old one. Buying new
I replaced the fuel filter. When I start it up it will not run good unless I let it idle for three or four minutes. If I put it in gear it will die unless it warms up. Put in new plugs, wires egr valve, fuel filter but it still will sputter and die unless I sit there for a while and let it idle first.
have had no problems with this car at all just started loosing alot of oil i tightened the oil filter because i could feel it was loose dont know what made it loose though
cap... I also have a large flow of engine oil going right through under the rear of engine drivers side please advise also put on a new starter
got a 95 Camaro Z28 I recently put a front oil seal on my engine I drove it a couple weeks I was checking the fluid levels and I notice that there was oil in the radiator it's not mixing water in the oil pan my question is would this be the head gasket or a crack in the block
its called the EXHAUST air PUMP and with thr jey in the iff position it stays running
I want to buy a 95 Camaro, but the tachometer isn't working. About how much would it cost to get this fixed?
radio and windows dont work checked with dealer, they have said there is a assesory module up under the dash. Is there a such thing? Were can I find it?
If I try to accelerate to pass someone my revs will shoot up but I don't accelerate like I should. The acceleration is delayed and I don't seem to have as much power as I used to.
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