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I get no spark from the distributor on engine but I get spark when I'm testing it off the engine plus if I back of the distributor I get shocked does this mean a bad distributor
I have 1994 Camaro (8 cylinder), I have to turn the key to crank the engine at least 3 times before the engine turns on, please advise what is wrong with my car
this happens 90% of the time, after the car starts the engine runs great.
before the engine turn on, please advise what is wrong with my car
If I try for a while the security light will Flash otherwise it just stays on in car will not crank or start
Having problems with car idling. It idles very high. Its a 6 cylinder engine. It revs at 1500 and it moves slightly above that and then "service engine soon" light appears. I would like to know if this is a common thing and how I should go about repairing this problem.
got spark got fuel got ignition could it be a timing chain?
Car stopped running,not electrical,changed fuel pump & filter, startd and ran for 15+ min (ran fine)., ran a test run..1-1/2 miles car cut off...restarted car drove back 1-1/2 mi. Now car will start but then cut off. Back to square one. SCanners says Must check Diag. systems check for check engine light. Owners manual unobtainable at this point. Please help...thank you.
put my antifreeze and now is overheating drain all the radiator
put my new antifreeze and is over heating
i installed a new thermostat in my car but when I drove it home the car started leaking water from the thermostat area! Could it be due to a wrong thermostat or that I did not do something right
A few days ago it was work in fine ,now it's works only when riding
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