1992 Chevrolet Camaro Questions

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My camaro runs fine when it is cold (just cranked) and will continue to do so for 5 - 10 miles. Then as you try to accelerate it falls on its face and then stalls. The car wont crank again and pulling the air filter off you can see no gas going through the injectors. Let the car cool and it start and run. New filter, pump
you have to be on or off the gas it wont just even out but if i pull in to a station and top off the tank it will go ahead and act normal it never gives a check engine code
Im constantly having light smoke come from the front of the car. IT comes slightly through the steering wheel, from under the hood .. (no oil leaks seen)
the problem is my son cut the wires at the front of the eng and would not charge,the wires from the batt to alt and remove fuses and it burnt the alt ,don't want toput a alt in till i find problem please help
i had the trasmission filter changed and it was running good for a couple of weeks then it stop moving completely
my heater control valve on my 1992 Camaro is leaking coolant and causes my car to overheat
replaced neutral safety switch still not getting anything?
turned over did not start turned key again nothing secruity light is on
i was driving my 92 rs camaro i pushed the clutch to downshift heard a pop and the clutch went to the floor, i thought slave cylinder but when i put a new one on it the clutch would not pressure up? i need help did i get the wrong part or is it something else, the one i took off was plastic and was broke at the bolt holes the new one o reilys gave me was different it was metal and just a rod and boot. and this is not the tranny from factory it has a 6 speed in it?
how can I install guages in my camaro, instead of the malfunctioning ones ??
was running fine the i turned it off and tryed to start it back and it gas fouled all the plugs put new plugs in got it to crank and it sounded like it had a shutter box in it skipping like crazy then died now won't crank back please help
I have replaced the alternator and the battery and the charging system wont charge the battery it has the 3.1 and idk what to do the little battery light in the dash does not come on either HELP??
I have a camaro 1992 5.7L, the problem is that its rpm is not stable at all times it keeps going up and down, and sometimes it stalls when I try to accelerate. I changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and I still have the same issue.. can anyone help???
My `92 Camaro does not start because there is no spark burning the fuel. So I changed the plugs, distributor, rotor, and ignition coil. It will work for awhile then quit. The autoparts guy said it might be the ECM, but how do I check it? Also wha is a PROM?
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