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i was using the cruise control for about 60 miles going up and down hills. I noticed that the car sort of slowed a couple of times going down a hill. never done this before.
motor mounts, exhaust from heads back . I think I need a complete front end package?
when I shut off engine, lights stay on during the daytime (sometimes). they do not stay on at night.
no defrost, no floor air
I am trying to locate the "Orifice Tube" to change it in case the screen is clogged.
when coming to a stop, brake pedal feels mushy and can hear a grinding noise. can wheel sensors malfunction cause this
My 2004 S10 blazer w/ 4.3L (X engine code) will change from idle speed to almost 0rpm when stopped. This happens when engine is hot or cold. No codes. Only 78k miles on vehicle. What could it be?
I have been told by everyone I know or meet when driving that my Blazer smells strong of straight gas. Not exhaust. When I turn it off and it sits for a minute, it will eventually start making a sound from that same area as if it is letting pressure out. I took it to my mechanic and it turns out that he is the only person that can't smell gas at all. I did buy the blazer from him though, so I don't know what to think. I really don't want to die in a fire mess, and I am seriously sick of having to fill my tank every three days of my driving around. What can I do with this? It's hard times, cash is low, but with my job being out of town, I need my car.
I ran out of gas twice. Is my gas cap bad and all my fuel is evaporating. Or is the sending unit bad. Thanks
Addressing this problem this has been done:
1) fuel system clean out
2) MAF sensor replaced
3) fuel pump and filtering replaced
4) cooling system flush with thermostat replaced

Additionally, after engine warm-up complete, runs hot as high as 240+ degrees; ambient temp approx 90+F degrees. The gas peddle position behavior is consistent; always more then 3/4 peddle travel, the engine bogs like all of a sudden there is less fuel being delivered.

After $2,500 spent the problem while a little better is not resolved.
My car lost power going up a hill. The RPM went up to 3-4 and the speed decreased from 70-30 MPH. The car then started again and I got it up to about 50 and then 70 but then back down to 30 and then eventually the car would not start at all. There was no fluid loss and the temp stayed normal. I just spent $470 for an oil change and alternator replacement 2 days prior to the car breaking down.
when I try pumping gas into my blazer it will only take about 10 cents at a time
It wouldn't accelerate at all. It spluttered and back fired died then when you start it there acceleration for a bit then lose power again. Then lost drive gear and had to use second. Now there's no gears at all except reverse
I was going up a hill at 35 a then there was a little clank and I rolled to a stop. I could tell it was shifting from rpms but it wouldn't do shit. It's not the chain in the transfer case the drive line turns either direction.
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