2003 Chevrolet Blazer Questions

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When starting up an incline won't shift ,and have to pull over,then will go again,it is an automatic transmission
Car blows white smoke and uses slot of gas
Yea got a diagnostic test on my blazer and it said something about the 5th cylinder not firing. What do I need to get to fix and what is going to be the price.
rearend diferental pion Bearing seal &labor
My E break light was on constantly at one point now it flashes an alarm will sound. Ive checked the E break itself an its all the unengaged an works properly when engaged. Fluid level is full. Im going to replace the breaks this weekend. Could it be anything else?
Once it gets warm and say i stop somewhere and turn the engine off when i come back to the truck it wont start for at least 2 or more hours.. please help me this ive replaced the fuel pump 4 months ago..
started every day but when rain or damp out runs but actes like missing now today wont start rained turns over but wont start
When her king the car makes squeak
Want to replace old engine with a new one
The handle is in the park position,but the screen says neutral and its in neutral.
My 03 blazer engine light came on...scanned it bank 1 sensor 1 changed it with new one reset day light came back on...po1035...checked fuse good..what wires and what voltage from the truck sides connector??
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