2002 Chevrolet Blazer Questions

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What can i do to temp fix it till to keep from loosing fluid from the rear driveshaft that fell out? If i can drive it still just using front wheel drive of the 4wheel drive or will it mess up my transmition when doing so?
When I press 4 high button the light goes right on and it doesn't engage when I hit the 4lo the light blinks an it engages
When I ingage my 4hi It don't blink it the light goes right away with out blinking when I ingage my 4lo it bliss an ingages
I don't hear anything like I did before when it worked
I checked all the fuses battery connection everything is the way it should be fuses are fine no door locks no window power no lights no nothing
I have a 2002 Chevy blazer 4 door..It was working fine and would turn on quick.It just didn't start oneday.Mechanic told me motor was the problem.I replaced the motor it did start engine and turned off once more and won't crank no more.My mechanic said the reason was of the alarm.What should I do noe?
Have run intake cleaner in gas, and direct. No help. Air filter brand new.
replaced fuel pump and filter. Strong spark, yet no fireup. Don't get it.
How many foot pounds?
It w on't start just turns over getting gas and file filter is good
Why's it run like a new one when I get it started and still has a small hesitation in starting it afterwards unless it's it's four five six days then it's hard to start
I had changed camshaft fuel pump and pisiotons with rings after that my engine is not starting and no current passing in sparkplugs and coils also
also changed Brakelight switch
car runs fine in 2 wheel drive. won't shift into lo or high four wheel drive when selector on dash is pushed
Check engine light stays on--new radiator, intake gaskets, replaced #4 and #6 spark plugs (code reader said they were bad?), distributor cap. Compression's at 80 but should be 120. Won't pass smog. Help!
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