2001 Chevrolet Blazer Questions

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I have a 2001 Chevy blazer 4x4 2dr ls with 4.3 and it there is a coolant leak coming from above the transmission and I cannot see where it is coming from
Ive got a new rebuilt motor 4.3-v6 that has coolant leaking into the #4 cylinder causing it to mis.
Will a faulity fuel pressure sensor cause the check engine light to come on and reduce my gas mileage?
Just bought the car and noticed the previous owner completely deleted the wiring harness to the sensor. Where does this harness tap into?
Besides the error code , when pumping gas the pump keeps shutting off, so you have to squeeze very gently to fill the tank.
The tail gate on the car is ajar so the glass hatch will not open. Does any one know how to get into this type of rear. I can only get the panel off part of the way. Top middle.

All the parts seem to be working ok .
the car ran before I installed the new parts, missed real bad.
I put fuel filter, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, and pickup in distributor, gets fire to plugs but won't start.
Gas hand wont come above e and the guy said it may be a fuse.
I bought a tranny 4l60e 4.3 4x4, it came out of a 1999 blazer i hve a 01. heres the problem after i put it in when i went to start it as soon as i turned the key the truck started an i dnt hve it turned to the starting position also the startet stays engaged it only does this in park or reverse thats the first problem second is i assumed my leakage was off because the car wont go into park. Once i take it out it already had that problem with the old transmission it drove in neutral i thought wuth the new trans that would b fixed plz help im baffled here any advice would b appreciated.
4 Wheel drive stopped working now the light just blinks . any ideas ? Thanks
It sounds as if something is winding up when I accelerate. Was told it was the rpm in the motor running up. But rpm gauge don't indicate this and its shifts fine. Had wheel hubs replaced.
How to replace universal joints
I Have bought a new cylinder but without key cant go further I don't want to drill it out and don't have 200 to pay for dealer to replace Any suggestions?
service light comes on take it back . service people tell me . they don't have not knowledge to fix it. and they want to send me up north. under warranted
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