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I had the vehicle put on a machine and it came back that oxygen sensor is bad, and i found out the vehicle has more than one sensor. The vehicle is idling very rough and has a hesitation to it
I have a/c but no heat. I tried to have a radiator flush but was told the hoses had leaks.
Ok i have a 2001 blazer extreme. It has spark, good compression, an good fuel pressure. Ive cleaned the TB . when i try too start it it just cranks but wont fire. I have to jump the battery it wont hold a charge. Could it be a junk battery? Anyone have any solutions or insight? Please let me know
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Not sure
How long have you had this problem? Month or so
Could it be tccm ? 2000 blazer
The lights on the dash suddenly switch off and not long after my truck cuts out and will not start again.
I've taken it to a mechanic and they can not find the problem, they sent my truck on to an auto electrician and they could not find the problem either. This has happened before and both places have been unable to find the problem.
I had a callout mechanic come out as I was stranded and he said that the engine was draining the battery rather than powering it, I informed the mechanic and auto electrician of this but they still were unable to fix it.
The problem has since come up again but this time it is worse, the truck will cut out without any warning.
Any advice would be helpful, thank you
When I was changing the rear axle on my 2000 Chevy Blazer 4x4 I noticed a spider gear slipped out of place the axle bearing and seal went bad so I was changing it first time this has happened how do I take care of this do they have to go back in a specific order or can I just line them back up with a pen and they will be ok
Think fuel pump and maybe fyel sensor?
Won't start again. I've put new crank sensor on new plugs, new wires, new distributor, its getting fire, air, gas what can this be
I was driving home from work when truck stalled. Now wont start. I ran it outta gas a cpl times the week before so thought naybe fuel filter was clogged. Changed that still nothing. Fuel pump kicks on but sounds a little whiney. It starts if i spray either into it for a second then dies back out so i know its getting spark. It is also getting fuel to the fuel rail relief valve so i know the fuel pump is working. Anyone know what this could be and what i should try next? Please help
Always does this. After I go somewhere and stop car, the same process will repeat. Is this a anti theft problem and if so, how do I fix, bypass, or whatever? Key doesn't have a chip.
My power locks and mirrors are not working and I can't open my hatchback please help..
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