1998 Chevrolet Blazer Questions

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Rolls over but won't actually start. Makes loud noise when turning g key off.
It would not move so I put fluid in it. It would still not move. I tried it the next day and it would move
Car will go forward just wont go in reverse
Thought I might need to shim the starter but that didn't help either someone help me out
Have to start blazer in neutral. Any advice how to fix it?
My fluid us coming out of transmission dipstick why how can I fix this
The fluid comes out of the transmission dipstick why how can I fix this problem
Already had a fuel pump, starter, alternator,and new battery but still take a long time to turn over
This is new problem but key won't turn in either direction and steering wheel won't turn at all
Is it common for the door hinge pin to almost disintegrate? This is the second blazer in our family 98 and both have this issue.
my radiation hose had a hole reparative and now car will not stay on without hitting gas whywhy
Happened simultaneously. Was fine put car in park and brake pedal went soft, couldn't roll up window.
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