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my car was leaking fuel so I put a patch in the pressure line . that didn't work so I ordered brand new vinyl pressure and return lines . after I got the lines installed I tried starting the vehicle to no avail . I tested fuel pressure ... 0 lbs and the fuel pump is not running , at least I cannot hear it run . I tested for spark , no spark . I put gasoline in the vehicle just because but no change . I sprayed starting fluid into throttle body no change . I think a sensor must have gone bad . 1997 chevy blazer LS 4.3L
any help would be very appreciated
if I install a straight pipe in place of a catolitic converter will it pass emissions test?
and a constant beep started. I took out and tested the alternator *- no problems. Charged the battery full - checked fuses -still no clue- no shorts in alternator wires. Any Ideas ?
like when slowing down to turn
its appears sometimes only
my 1997 blazer rides real rough anytime i hit a bump the whole car shakes i don't think it's the shocks and i just replace the bushings on both sides but it stills rides hard even the ball joints have been replaced. i don't want to take it to a repair shop without having some idea what could be wrong so any advice would help.
Trying to fix p0300 code . Idles rough with backfire threw exhaust smooths out at higher rpms .has new cat. And muffler new fuel tank ,lines,fuel pump,new filter, plugs,wires , cap and rotor and new air filter. Thank you for your time
end play, rotational play . trying to figure out p0300 code. distributor was installed the way chiltons book instructed. distributor gear had some wear marks but nothing as bad as some of the pics. I have seen. thanks for your time
Engine will crank but will not start until several minutes delay. When gauge lights come on, engine will start. When outside temperature is 60 to 70 degrees the wait time is about 2-5 minutes. When outside temp is 40 degrees the delay time is about 60 minutes. WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS PROBLEM?
Will start of given jumpstart dies immediately Is it the alternater or something else wrong?
Sounds like there is something loose, rattles? It's loud and obnoxious when heater fan is on.
Basically not firing when ignition is in start position but I have to let key return to on position and it fires so why isnt my ignition firing in start position
my car turned off in the freeway didnt want to turn on nomore i wuz told that all it needs is water and nothing
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