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After Filling the radiator I lose all my water in a stream can only go about 10 miles before refilling
My rear driver's side rear brake are smoking
Someone told me it was starter, then someone else says it a sensor. I'm confused. It runs for awile then out of nowhere it shuts off. It has gas
Random miss occurs only at idle and only when at normal operating temp and only when the AC compressor is running. Not throwing any codes.
The reason I ask is I have to order a new one! Thanks
How much cost for repair? How long for repair?
I'm leaking coolant and it right under a.c. on driver side. Ever time I fill radiator it leaks out near the valve cover gasket. I checked them they were good. What else could it be.
Car sat for about six months.
Need step by step instructions and or vidio
My brake lights don't light up wen I hot the pedal.
wen I press my brake pedal. The thread brake light works but the other two do tail lights work and my Blinker's work but the brake lights do not.
the car temperature was not running hot. White smoke steaming from underneath hood.
The fuel is getting to the carburetor but not in it, I poured gas in the carburetor and it starts, what is stopping fuel from getting to cylinders?
it loss power and now has a loud knock at the top of theengine
it knocks at the top of the engine

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