1995 Chevrolet Blazer Questions

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I have fixed alot of things ppl keep telling. Me thats whats worng with. It and it still doung the same thing after i pay to fix what im benign told
Wouldn't take a jump! Battery is fine lights and radio are working! I turn key and not a sound!
The reason I am asking is because I was just on craigslist looking at the chevy blazer that someone is selling and I was reading the details about it and they said that one of the problems with the blazer is the manifold so I was just wondering is someone could please be so kind as too helping me figure out what that is?
It runs for a couple days then problem starts's also a 4x4. Has 75000 miles.
Whatever and for awhile it would start and then it would not, arbitrarily
I got an OBD II code reader and it tells me hahaha. Help
checked all fuses they all were good.
I've got a 95 Blazer 4 x 4 automatic i'm changing to a five speed manual i'd like to find out about the clutch slave cylinder what it looks like and how it sits in the transmission
leaking from 2 fuel lines
My brakes went to the floor, I had a new master cylendar installed, the same thing happened again. This has been going on a while Like 3 months The car will stop but slowly. My mechanic has tried everything he knows and is baffeled he cleaned the sensore on the front wheels.. What else can we do?
95 chevy blazer, v6 vortec 4.3 4door 4Wd

Alright so we are at a loss here and we have had all our friends who re mechanics come out and try to fix it and no dice.
It started day 1 with a rough idle, but then it was fine once you got going. Day 2 it was not only idling rough but it was having trouble accelerating. (Sputtering) Day 3 every time you let off the gas it stalls and won't start unless you spray starting fluid in it, but then it dies immediately. I don't want to keep doing that because I don't want to blow the intake. We replaced the distributor cap and the map sensor. It has fuel and great pressure, and it has good spark. help
I recently replaced the transmission filter and one of the solenoids in the transmission pan. Also replaced the EGR valve, MAP sensor, Throttle position sensor, and computer. Still having surging when driving between 45 and 55 MPH. Also when first starting in the morning takes a while to go into reverse. Any help?
i have spray starting fluid in throddle valve to get to start, runs and starts fine when moter is warm. thank you.

okay so i bought a stereo and dont know how to install it. can you give me steps on how to get it to work? black on both is ground. on thw stereo red is ignition switch(acc) and the tuck is constant 12v orange. memory back-up yellow, switchv" 12v is yellow in the truck. illumination is grey in the truck along with the dimmer that is if you can
on when I crank it up it does it a little but when I push the gas the sound picks up and it sounds like popcorn popping. It seems to be coming from the catalytic converter area. Can anyone help.
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