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the smog place told him fuel ejecter
I can drove my truck for about ten minutes then it starts to miss fire and die. Has a error code 43 which said it was the knock sensor circuit. Replaced knock sensor and pigtail as well as fuel pump relay. Can't figure it out any help would be much appreciated.
on engine not to fire wall my mechanic dont know were
They just stopped working completly and the fuse isn't blowed
starts it runs pretty rough until you open it up a few times the it seems to smoothe out...plugs seem fine fuel pressure is good holds fuel pressure losing 5 psi over night..checked egr seem to be in good condition replaced the ect sensor for the ecm has codes 13 and 43 knock sensor and o2 sensor..knock sensor was just unplugged has fairly good compression all the way around all with in a few psi of eachother...tried to get a look at the rgulator and it doesnt appear to be leaking...any ideas
i checked all vaccum checked timing replaced plugs wires knock sensor intake gaskets
We have an intermittent problem that causes the truck to stop without warning. Usually it happens in hot weather, regardless if we are on a long trip or just driving around town. At one point on a long trip from Texas to NC it shut off in Monroe,Louisiana . We had it diagnosed by 3 different local mechanics who could find nothing because they said they needed to locate the problem as it happened. Of course the problem did not happen again for them and it was over 1 year till it happened again. Fuel or electronic, we r not sure.
i have an 93 blazer with a new engin and i need an egr valve but the year of the blazer and the engin are different
93Blazer wont start.Been in garage for 3 years.I love it when it ran.Doesent have a scratch or ding on it. just doesn't run.when it ran it ran very good.I got tired of taking it to the dealership and not soving the problem but i payed. 4.3VortecEng.I love this blazer.Battery is new.
happens everytime I accelerate over 40 mph
i want to make my two wheel drive 4l80e tranny into a 4x4, if possible can i use a np208 transfer case?
ac will not come out of vents after i had the tranny replaced
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