1992 Chevrolet Blazer Questions

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I replace the battery and alternator but still having issues with starting, could it be the starter? The truck sat for a while before i replace those parts but now i have to jump it every time.... whats causing that to happen
Car has been sitting for six months.
Have blown head gaskets and water pump is shot.
Digital controller would not illuminate or come on. I replaced it and it does illuminate and go's through all the motions [heat, defrost etc.]
I already put coolant in it and it still isn't working.
The fuse blows every time i start it, but when i disconnected the fuel pump it still blew, so i know i need to check the relay i just dont know what im looking for and where.
seems the housing where hoses attach in leaking
when installing the new slave cylinder do you dis connect the plastic retainers or do they poop out?
what would be the best shocks for this ride, to help with the swaying,the swaying only happens when quick turns are made
no big broblems at this time only has 77,000 miles no rust,very sweet has the tahoa package
The check engine light is on - code 45 I replace the o2 and the catalytic converter. I've read that the fuel injector or fuel pressure regulator may need replacing, but the book says it should be done by a technician.. Can this be done by me?
When my truck idles for a few minutes, the Service Engine Soon light comes on and will not go off until I shut off the truck. What would cause this?
How much cost to Replace the pressure Line Hose, where power steer is leaking?
how cant tell which is oil or power fuel?
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