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used test light at trailer light connection turn signal ok...but no go with brake light on left side only...

Where does the brake light switch hook into the turn signal wires?
83 K-5 washer fluid squirting constantly when wipers are turned on. I replaced the motor and the switch and still it happens. I see nothing wrong with the wiring and it's all original wiring any ideas?
1983 K5 full size Blazer, 4X4, GM 10 bolt axle. Drivers side upper ball joint stud, and nut move back and forth 1/8th inch as the hub is lifted, and lowered. Axle is supported and wheel is removed. Can the adjuster sleeve be re-torqued to remove play, or do both upper ball joint and adjuster sleeve need to be replaced to correct this problem? Thank You for your assistance!
1983 K5 blazer full size. The wipers work on low and high switch setting. When I push in on the switch for washer fluid to spray, it will spray until the wipers are turned off. If I turn the wipers back on, the washer will still spray without activating the washer. It will continue to spray until the wiper switch is cycled on and off three times then stop spraying. The wiper motor/washer pump unit has been replaced 3 times with re-manufactured units. The wiper/washer dash switch has been opened and cleaned internally. The wiring harness terminals at the firewall have been cleaned and di-electric grease applied. None of the above measures have fixed the continuous washer spray. Any ideas on testing and/or repair would be appreciated!
Actually 1983 K5 Blazer. 300,000 miles I'd guess, 6.2l diesel, 700r4 auto transmission, Motor is military take out and Trans was rebuilt some 12 years ago by the place I purchased it from. drain and fill twice in last 4 years on transmission fluid with one quart of Lucas fluid conditioner added, recent oil change, tv cable adjusted today after repair on throttle cable connector at db2 injection pump due to excess play.
The vibration has been ongoing for a few years so I replaced the TC lockup wire connector at trans due to bare connector wires touching earlier this Summer, and replaced the brake light switch also. The vibration is present after a short drive when I am at a stop light with the brake peddle depressed, but if I momentarily shift to neutral then back to 3rd the vibration goes away. A mechanic adjusted the tv cable this last summer and stated that he thought the tc is staying locked up, and also recommended a new throttle valve cable. Any thoughts on the cause and solution would be appreciated!
The vehicle is actually a 1983 K-5 full size civilian diesel Blazer with a take-out 1984 military 6.2l J code diesel engine with original military DB-2 injector pump that has a slight fuel leak at the throttle shaft, "new timing chain, and head gaskets installed during engine swap two years ago", 4X4, 700R4 trans. The engine acts like the timing is increasing during the surge with more engine rattle, and speed. The truck has a slight vibration at idle in both park and drive gear, white smoke from passenger side exhaust for 10 seconds after startup but no smoke from drivers side, and #4 cylinder has lower compression (250 psi) than the others(around 300 psi). Other than that, it runs very good for a normally aspirated diesel engine. I cleaned all 8 injectors manually DIY. When I turn the engine over by hand I can hear a clicking sound coming from the passenger side of the engine. Since the injector timing is regulated by the fuel pressure inside the injector pump, the throttle shaft leak might be the cause is my guess. All help is appreciated!
When going from vent to off I blow a fuse. What could be causing this problem?
I just replaced the steering gear box on my k5 blazer and the hose attached to the box is still leaking. Did i miss putting in a o ring or what. k-5 is an 1978
my chevy blazer is making a clanking sound any time it is in gear.
checked the universal joints and they seem to be fine. the clanking is getting loader and loader. it is not just once but repeated.

This is really an '89 chevy s10 4.3 blazer but your list only went back to 1990. 210,000 miles otherwise good condition. Problem happens in the morning after sitting all night and when idling a few minutes. Smells in cab. Worried about carbon monoxide

I need to know what to check for and look at as well how to fix the problem,they were working ok the other day. My problem is on a 1989 chevy s10 blazer 4x4 6cyl.
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