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I bought a 96 Chevy beretta with the 3.1L v6 it ran fine when I bought it but 4-5 months later it developed multiple misfires I've done a complete tune up (plugs, wires,coils) I've change both intake gaskets and narrowed it down to cylinder number 6 I've got good spark and good compression but the cylinder is flooding it self out and I can not figure out why I need help
Has high mileage,did change fuel filter.
My car will go in Drive,but not reverse or Neutral. I was told to check transmission fluid. Where is the cap located? or any other suggestions?
hard starting cold with fresh gas starts good warm runs ruff with no power after warm is a 2.2 Engine 96 Beretta
Here's my issue. My car is leaking gas either from the fuel rail or fuel injection line in my motor.. The rail is rusted in a spot. So i am thinking it's the fuel rail. Can't be sure. Unless one can't leak that or has nothing to do with gas . For it to leak there. I knew i smelled gas for a while, wasn't sure if i was over reacting and stepping in it when i pumped it or what.Had someone look over it didn't see any issue at first. Then my radator was replaced . When they were replacing that and started the car is when finally they saw the gas actually coming out of the rail or injection line. So the issue had been going on for a while but was never claiffied til a while ago. I have not driven the car for like three months now. Thats not safe. I need some help.. i'd appreciate if you could give me your advice alot. Thanks! .

Sincerly , laura copeland
power steering fluid leaks and makes a noise when driven does that mean the power steering pump is bad
replace right front axle on 1996 chev beretta with auto trans
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