1995 Chevrolet Beretta Questions

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How do I change it and headlight
Problems started when door locks and speedometer stopped. Now it shuts off upon stopping and skipping and weak power going down road no horsepower and runs hot driving in town
I am a human being not a computer robot trying to get info the tools needed to change a flat of a 1995 Chevy beretta
or does the ECM tell the fan to go on?
The head lights stay on when the switch is turn to the off position. They also stay on when the switch is turned to parking lights only.
Exhaust. I just changed fuel injector .what could issue be ?
Car got hot as pulled into driveway. Looked over and noticed low coolant added some and then noticed started poring out from firewall so replaced coolant and now won't start
the magnet behind front pully of crank-shaft,no change,getting gas,runs real rough,thinking maybe water in gas?tryed to get codes,would not read them?put a new heater core,a couple days before the car stoped running,thinking maybe the technition may have unpluged something?was thinking maybe fuel-filter?or injecters,need help?wifes car help,help before its to late??thanks
out but that use also operates my rear view mirror lights
It will start and run great till it hits about the half mark on the temp gauge then it dies and won't start up again till the next morning I've replaced the icm ecm crank shaft sensor fuel pump coil packs battery. No check engine light coms on I'm stumped
the heat only comes out the vent and floor and will not switch to another location on the control panel
what type of wrench do i need to remove the lower control arm bushings from the car ?
radiator cracked fixed it drove it but it kept getting hot than cold cause of thermastate. now it wont start it cranks over but it over flows out of resivore while trying to start what is the problem
and i checked the fuel pump relays an all my wires and it will only start off of starting fluid then die after
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