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I know I need a radiator it was doing good till hot I had turn it off n put water in I had to get a jump off n while n park it start to driving n wouldn't go n reverse just forward before it did that everything was going good can you tell me was wrong
It ran perfectly fine two days prior replace fuel pump and filter clean throttle body believe I all vacuum lines are fine it only has 43,000 original miles as well
Car was backfiring when I'd step on the gas. I'd let off and feather it the car would go.The car was sputtering like it was about to back fire but it didn't. I came to a stop sign it stalled out (it's an automatic) I did all I could to get it restarted once I did it was sputtering like it was going to backfire. I got it home now it wont start. I checked to make sure it was getting fuel IT IS. I checked to make sure it was getting spark - IT IS. I thought the cat could be clogged, cut it off- Still wont start. PLEASE HELP! This is my only car and I need to get to work!!!
the car will do fine until it heats up then I turn it off it will crank over but not start up. If I do get it started and take it down the road and stop and let it idle or shift into reverse or any gear it will shut off again.
i check the battery but the ligt service engine soon dont come on when i try to start the car could be the ecm?
The car will turn over and idle for like 30 seconds and then shut off. It also shuts off immediately when you touch the gas. I have replaced the crankshaft sensor, fuel filter, vacuum lines, spark plugs, wires, oil change, and have checked all the sensors. The INFL REST light is coming on. Thats when this problem started is when that light first came on. ANY IDEAS??
I just replaced the crank position sensor. 2.2 4 cyl still wont start. turns over good - gas is coming out from throttle body fine - nice little mist - but no spark or sometimes a backfire type sound as its turning over. ?? Thanks for any advice. Bob
I'm sure I need to replace the crankshaft position sensor/modul on my 1991 4 cylinder 2.2 beretta. I was told I may need to drop the oil pan to pry it out from the inside!! IS my neighbor just trying to scare me? Is this seemingly simple fix a nighmare waiting to happen?
car started running rough and burned the gas at about three times the normal rate.Changed plugs and wires now it will start but runs terrible,and only runs for a second and if you give it gas it dies immediatly.
The car stalls at a light or complete stop its an automatic
there is a vroom vroom vroom when sloing down will stay runinng and will only do this ahen slowwing down to stop some times
this problem happened after the first replace ment of front pads how do i rest the back to make it more of a 60 40 ratio
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