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Locked key in car. Someone jimmied the door open and now the door won't unlock. Apparently they damaged the interior. I live in LaVergne TN.
Goes from normal to H and then settles back to Normal range when shift to 5th.

It does not last more than a few seconds.
My check engine light keeps coming on took it to a muffler place the guy said that my exhaust system is fine but my resonator is rusting out and that it will need replace in 6 months to a year . My check engine light came on today and I was driving my car 70 mph down the freeway just fine
I recently had my check engine light flash, looked into the problem realize I had a misfire and replace my spark plugs. Now on occasion when stopped at a stop sign or light it feels like my car is going to die, shut off completely, but then catches its self and "reeves" like normal. My question is any idea what it could be and/or should I not be worried ?
Joint. When turning to the right in a curve it is still making a roaring noise
It's suppose to engage when u hit the brake
Codes I'm getting r p0705,p0300,p0420,p0303
Battery is new, plenty of gas. I just park the car, the next day it will not start. The dashboard indicators are functioning
brake lights quit working. got a new switch at the dealer. work now but will stay on. either tap brake or leave foot under brake pedal. notice when shut off. if I pump brake couple times it gets tighter. only 35000 miles and no leaks. but wondering if master cylinder getting weak and not holding pedal back. to keep switch turned off. or could it be booster.
My Chevy aveo makes rattling noise sounds very loose coming frm right tire a little closer to brakes and heavy rubbing coming from right side also
started to blink on and off. What would cause this. I had to have it towed home this moirning. It still doesn't start.
hi all from UK here have a chevrelot spark, EML came on and is misfiring on low revs alot, i know the code is cylinder 4 misfire.. any helfoul ideas to sort, soem are saying change plugs, soem are saying whack injector cleaber in and change to premium some are saying change injectors... is this a comkon fault and is it gonna cost me alot :-(
My car shakes and temperature stays low on it and that causes it to only go about 20 miles for its temperature to even raise it takes about 15 minutes for the temp and speed to go up on
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