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Hole in tube all antifreeze ran out over heated hold light blinked car slowed down cut off. Motor not cracked will not start put new coil plugs filter an oil. What else can be done? 2009chevy Aveo.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? blows white smoke sometimes and oil dipstick shows way overfilled but correct amount of oil
How long have you had this problem? a few days
It revs when i give acceleration but dont keep accelerating. What could be the problem?
There seems to be different answers to this question depending on the model. Models before 2007 supposedly only have a fuel filter located inside of the fuel pump. Supposedly the 2010 has it outside, but I can't seem to spot it on mine.
I have replaced the thermostat I don't think the fan motor is coming like it should
I have replaced thermostat the fan not coming on all the time.
should the overflow/continuous reservoir be filled to top or at another level?
Change and now car won't start. Codes are reading parts that are working fine. Car will start when warm but not cold, after it sits for awhile. It only starts if they override the system. Mechanic says he has no idea what is wrong and we are now going on day 3. Ugh. Any help would be appreciated. Not sure what could have gone wrong with the oil change...
I noticed it looks like it is very easy only 4 bolts and a hose to remove to get to it.I do not have a manual.
i went to get in my car to drive one morning, and it wouldn't start. so i thought i may have left the lights on, so i had someone to jump start the vehicle, i let it run for about an hour. turn it off went back to start it again no power.i noticed i had to keep pumping gas pedal before i could even get it to start the first time.
when driving on a rough road the knocking is coming from the back right wheel on a smooth road there is no sound
how i fix these codes
Due to faulty wiring from the coil pack to the spark plug i wish to know if this could be the cause of my car missing
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