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Code keeps saying fuel injectors so we replaced, also replaced crankshaft position sensor, coil pack, checked fuses, timing belt looks good...... now what?!?!?
my hold light is staying on on my 2009 chevy aveo comes on once every three months

How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
This Hold light comes on and stays on for a few days along with the temp gauge thing not working properly
what do u think i should do? I also have the check engine light on it is on all the time
What seems to make the problem better or worse? not sure
How long have you had this problem? a few days
The power seems to not be constant when I press on the gas. Usually happens at 2 to 3k rpms but doesn't seem to do it over 35 to 40 mph. The tac will not increase smoothly, it moves up and down as I'm trying to accelerate.
I know it's a fuel injector code
check engine light is staying on the hold button was steady flashing also the temperature guage stopped working
Noise goes faster while car is driving.
So i know all about the Hold button and to not accidentally press it, but it seems as though every time I slam on the breaks too hard or something of that nature, the hold light starts blinking and my AC stops blowing cool air. It just blows air that's the temperature of the outside (which in Florida right now its like 95 degrees so I might as well drive an oven). ALSO my engine meter that tells you if your engine is cold or hot goes ALL the way down to below the Cold. Like the meter stops reading the engine entirely and doesn't move even if I drive it all day it says my engine is below the C mark. That also happens only when the hold light starts/cold AC stops together. Sometimes I was able to get it back to blowing cool air if I just shut off the AC and ran my car for a bit, drove around, I would happen to notice my Hold light shut off and my engine temperature would be back to usual (just below the middle), so I would go to turn my AC on and thank heavens it would be cold air!! But now this is day 2 and my hold light is still blinking, my engine meter is still below C, and my AC is still blowing hot air. It doesn't need to be recharged because i JUST had it at the shop about a month ago and got new wiring/spark plugs plus my Cold air was recharged. Any help? I really can't afford to take it to a shop right now but if I have to I will. This car gets me to work, after all.
This occurred after having my radiator hoses replaced. Not sure if related. Also occurred after filling up gas tank. Please help.
I pulled out wus getting on the interstate it when to shit to over drive and it cut out for a min like it wusnt getting gas
Ive checked all fuses no lights indicators are on it just cranks and thats all
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